An Agricultural Revolution for a Better World
The Most Sustainable Indoor Farming Infrastructure

Our Farms

Our farms integrate solar powered indoor, vertical, aeroponic technology. This includes a water filtration system that allows us to save up to 97% of water compared with traditional farming, making them the most sustainable crop production system in the world.

Our Crops

Our crops are always fresh and local. Our farming technology guarantees our crops will hold even to the highest of standards: organic, pesticide free, non-GMO, and grown locally. Each farm will be limited to commercializing their produce within an 800-mile radius.


A cryptocurrency backed by crop production. We believe the future of farming requires decentralization, which is why no one person can have more than 10% of the total supply of Frucoins. Also, integrating blockchain into our business model allows produce traceability and distribution transparency.
Core Team
Fruture is a sustainable Ag-Tech startup from México.

Victor Cavazos


Mauricio Cavazos


Fernando Delgado


Eduardo Montemayor


Juan Manuel García


Denise Treviño

FruMarket Manager

Miguel Cavazos

Business Development

Adrian Mendez

Human Resources

Daniel Moreno

Front End Developer

David Morelos

Audiovisual Production

Eduardo Sauret

UI Developer

Victoria González

Print & Web Design

Ricardo Cavazos

Food Safety

Gerardo Villarreal

Distribution Logistics

Francisco Rayas

Sales Rep

Jessi de la Garza

Trademark Specialist

Humberto Treviño

Video Producer & Editor

Javier Mondragón


Javier Rodríguez

Back End Developer

Miguel Guerrero

Indoor Farm Logistics

Valeria Treviño


Oscar Fuentevilla

UX Designer

Tadeo Better

Produce Commercial Manager

Enrique Zamora

Farm & Manufacturing Automation

Santiago Rodríguez

Content & Copywriter

Cesar Aguilar

Crop Specialist
The experts that provided wisdom in our path to save the world's resources.

Patricio Cavazos

Farmers Market Association

Victor Melgarejo

Tec de Monterrey Incubator Director

Enrico Fusto

Founder Localflow

Roberto Mariscal

Head of Innovation at Iberdrola

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